What Is Confidence Collective?

Let's do good on IG (and make money +feel good about it !)

Confidence Collective Academy is a six week school that teaches entrepreneurs who are always in their head, but fiercely passionate, how to actually grow their business with clarity + confidence all through Instagram. This is the first ever course of it's kind that's preparing entrepreneurs with the tools needed to enhance their writing skills, cultivate courage and vulnerability— as well as teach them how to authentically be themselves online in order to radically grow their business. Make money by being so deeply yourself and creating massive impact.


But you're really passionate and don't know to use your IG for massive growth without selling your soul to the devil.

I get it  . You're passionate AF and want to grow your business. But you're feeling stuck on how to write posts in order to get people your newsletter, or lead them into potential clients. 

You want to have a boomin business, but you feel like you're running a rat race of trying of figuring out algorithms, breaking your back (and bank) to take 'cool pictures' and you're really pissed. Because honestly, you just want to do great work and you rebel against algorithms. 

You want to stop freaking out about needing more followers and you want to do the work you feel called to do. 

I got you babe.

I've grown a six figure business, and helped dozens of other coaches do the same thing—by being myself online. 

I know, you're like WTF, how can I just be myself and make mad money AND feel like I don't lose myself online?

This course is going to teach you  how to be confident AF, write with confidence, how to cultivate a badass community and space for clients—all while actually making money and do good online.

Learn how to:

  • Talk to your ideal client with ease and confidence.
  • Enhance your writing skills so you slay social and create trust and confidence with your potential clients. 
  • Launch programs/offers and talk about them without every feeling salesy.
  • Grow your business by being so deeply yourself.
  • Have vulnerable conversations, and be a powerful leader + make powerful connections.
  • Understand how to talk and communicate with empathy, and compassion. Utilize this tool with your clients, and cultivating community online. 

We are doing some badass and powerful work in this course. 

The women who've gone through this have double and tripled their income in 30 days or less by simply learning how to talk to their ideal client, write with clarity, and be themselves without the BS they feel like they need to have online. 

CCA is for you if you:

  • Make the money you know you deserve to make while not selling your soul, or time/life to social media.
  • Are amazing at what you do, but feel super lost or overwhelmed when it comes to social media. 
  • You want to grow your biz, but you're not sure how to position yourself in a place of authority while remaining true to yourself and creating valuable content. 
  • You want to cultivate a community of clients and like minded women because you KNOW, in your bones, that you can help them—but you don't know how to talk to or find your people. 

By the end of the course you'll:

  • Speak with ease to your ideal client in ways that convert them, and feel everything but 'salesy'.
  • Feel confident AF in your selling + social media presence as whole.
  • Have a business that serves others, honors your worth, and feels kind + empowering in the process. Freedom. 
  • Be a badass writer, and storytelling. Being able to use the tools learned to connect with and build a big community.
  • Be making income with ease, allowing you to live in freedom and out of scarcity. 

Course Curriculum

  • 01
    How To Use This Course!
    Show details
    • Welcome To Confidence Collective!
  • 02
    Welcome To The Course!
    Show details
    • Before we begin...
  • 03
    Lesson 1: How To Clarify Who You're Talking To (this gets you a bomb ass community + can double your income in 30 days!)
    Show details
    • What's An Ideal Client?
    • How To Find Your Ideal Client (video)
    • How To Find Your Ideal Client (Worksheet)
    • How To Slay IG Posts By Talking To Your Ideal Client With Ease
    • The Secret Formula To Powerful, Engaging and Honest IG Posts (that will also make you mad money)
    • Week 1 Homework
  • 04
    Lesson 2: Courage and Vulnerability
    Show details
    • To be Vulnerable Or to Not Be: that is the question
    • Case Study: Gabby
    • How To Identify Your Core Stories & Values
    • Discussion
    • Permission Slips
    • How To Set Boundaries Like A MotherEffer
    • Let's Taco Bout It
    • Week 2 Homework: Your Mission Statement of Badassery
    • The V Word (video)
  • 05
    Lesson 3: Woo Them With Your Words
    Show details
    • Structure: It Matters
    • Become A Framework Badass
    • If You're Not Doing This With Your Writing, Stop Everything Now and Make This Shift.
    • Storytelling 101: Without Ever Sounding Whiny
    • How To Speak Your Truth With Confidence and Conviction: Interview with Certified Eating Psychology Coach Jessica Rothley
    • How To Write Headlines That Make Money (and feel good + kind)
    • Instagram Content Calendar
    • 12 Sample IG Post Structures To Use
    • Woo Them with Conversation & Convert Them To Clients With This Formula
  • 06
    Lesson 4: Unfuck Your Vibe
    Show details
    • The Art Of Being Yourself
    • Who Do You Admire?
    • How To Show Up As You Are (Worksheet)
    • Unfuck Your Vibe WORKBOOK
    • Your Knowables (video)
    • Who TF Are You?
    • Owning Your Vibe While Connecting to Others (video)
  • 07
    Lesson 5: Mindset
    Show details
    • Moving Through Scarcity Mindset (without the BS)
    • Mindfulness Based Skills To Ground In The Midst Of Fear
    • Goal Setting For Success
    • Working With Imposter Syndrome: Interview with Devon Moretti
    • Handling rejection, fear, and comparison: Interview with Licensed Therapist, Sara Schinpper
    • Money, Honey: How To Feel Good About Making Money & Raising Your Prices
  • 08
    BONUS: Open Me For A Good Time
    Show details
    • How To Make $5000 in the DM's
    • How To Maintain $5000 months
    • How To Build Dope Ass Relationships With People On IG for Collaborations


What is school without office hours, and dope lectures with your teacher?

  • Weekly Action

    Each week get clear AF with new workbooks, and 'homework' to help you navigate each week with ease and structure.

  • Lightning Lessons

    Each week gear up for our team call! Craving connection with other boss babes and wanting to dive deeper on each weeks lesson? This call will leave you feeling clear, inspired, and give you 3 actionable take-aways each week that you can apply to your business right now. Get ready for some badass industry shaking guest speakers!

  • Office Hours

    Are you someone you has a lot of questions? Dope, because I have a lot of answers. You'll get exclusive access to my 'office hours' each week to personally go over your business structure, go over strategy, and work through your biggest challenges so you go into the week feeling more clear and confident.


  • Who is this course for?

    This course is designed for health and wellness coaches who are passionate AF and want to utilize IG to grow their business and make money, but feel stuck and don't know (despite their follower count) how to make this happen while being their true selves.

  • What if I'm not a health and fitness coach?

    This course is geared towards humans in the health and fitness industry, but ANYONE can utilize the information in this course because we focus heavily on writing, sales copy, how to use IG and being yourself. Which ya know, applies to all humans.

  • What If I don't have a business yet, or am just starting? Is this still for me?

    Hell yes it is! Regardless of how long you've had your business, you can use this course to grow your business. I've had people who are 7 years into their business use this, as well as people who are just starting.

  • How does the course work? How do I learn?

    This course is six weeks long. Each week you'll gain access to a new lesson. The course is dripped out over 6 weeks so you can really grasp each lesson and implement as you go through. You'll also have access to me via our private FB group where I'll go live 1x a week for a team coaching call.

  • Can I make payments?

    Heck yeah, babe! You can pay all at once or break it up into 3 payments. Scroll to the bottom of the page for that option!


You have two options to chose from when signing up for CC! 3 monthly payments, or 1 up-front cost.